Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life is K-R-A-Z-Y!!!

For the next couple of weeks for sure, my life is on a non-stop crazy train!  Next Tuesday, Mike's mom is having surgery.  That is possibly the least convenient time in all of the world for me, but hey - what's a girl to do.  All next week, Rachel has rehearsals for her dance recital, we've got Mike's mom's surgery, Mike has his first aid class, Tanner has softball, and I have meetings and work all week AND company coming.  And let's not forget I have NINE PUPPIES who are about to start on solid food this weekend and will need to start potty training.  God help me get through the week.  If I can make it til a week from Saturday night with my sanity, it will be a miracle.

As for our adoption stuff, we still just lack Mike's first aid training then we're done and can be licensed for foster care.  We're also going to do an adoption home study.  They've done the foster home study already.  Why are there two, you ask?  As Michelle so eloquently put it, it's a government program and therefore is inefficient.  But if we're going to play the government's game, we have to play by their rules.  Therefore, we are going to do an additional home study.  The foster home study will allow us to be licensed as foster parents with the option of adopting if and when the parents rights are terminated.  This, however, limits us to our area of Arkansas.  They try their best to place foster children in their original county.  It makes sense because of travel issues that might arise with court dates or visitation that will inevitably come.  However, if we do the adoption home study, we would be opened to the possibility of going directly to adoption with a child anywhere in Arkansas that met our criteria and were ready to be adopted.  It might take a little longer with that, but it might be a shorter process in the long run.  We're now just praying for God's wisdom in exactly what we need to do.

For today - I just want to bury my head in the sand with all the stuff we have going on in the next 10 days!  Once May 9th gets here, it should be smooth sailing for a while.... knock on wood!!!! :)

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