Monday, August 03, 2009

Memory Lane

You know how with just a word, you can take a trip down memory lane? Yeah, that was me today. I found out that my boss (and dear friend) is really good friends with an ex-boyfriend's wife! I hesitate to even say "ex-boyfriend" because I don't know that we ever really declared that we were boyfriend/girlfriend - but we were more than friends. He was that "bad boy" that I didn't need to like but couldn't help myself from loving. And like I told my friend today, since we were never really boyfriend/girlfriend, there was never really a breakup, so to speak. So that finality, that closed chapter, didn't really exist for us - at least not that I remember.

The last time I saw him was after I had Rachel. We were in Kohl's and I came around the corner pushing Rachel in the stroller and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him, his wife, and a baby in a stroller with them also. His wife was so, so nice. I remember she sort of went about her shopping and left us to chat for just a second. That takes a good woman to do that. And it was VERY weird to know he had a child. It was one of those meetings where you almost didn't need to say anything. And what was there to be said. He was married. I was married. We both had kids. We were in the spots we were supposed to be. It's not like we wished things were any different, I'm sure. But it WAS weird...and good all at the same time.

I hear now that he's going to church with his family and is a "good family man". Honest to God, I prayed for him so much to be saved and to be a church-going, God-fearing man - and told him that on lots of occassions. And I was glad today to hear that my prayers had been answered.

It's funny how God works sometimes. I shared about Christ with him several times, bought him a Bible, and brought him to church for some events I was in (since it was the only time he would come). Maybe I was just supposed to be that breath in his life for a short time to nudge him in the direction of finding the Lord. I hope I was able to do that - even just a little...

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