Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Africa Bound

My friends, the Kennedys, are moving to Africa for two months to be interim directors for Esther's House orphanage and to film a reality show while doing that. I'm so excited for them about this opportunity, even though I'm sick that they won't be here for two months. They just adopted a precious, beautiful baby boy from Ethiopia last year and he's about the same age as Porter. They are buddies and have fun playing together in the nursery.

Their heart for Africa tugs at MY heartstrings because of the ties I have from my mission trip to Zimbabwe 10 years ago. So many times I've wanted to go back, but at the times our church was sending people, it just hasn't worked out due to pregnancies, nursing, etc. There are some times coming in the next several months that teams are going back to Malawi to work with the orphanage that our church has started there and my heart has been gripped. I'm praying about a time when I could join one of our teams to go. The only "fear" I have is that I'll get there and be with those babies and kids at that orphanage and either won't want to leave or want to bring every one of them back with me.

Take a minute to read the Kennedys' blog post about their upcoming travels. It's exciting stuff!

Moving To Africa

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