Friday, March 13, 2009

Michelle Duggar and Friday Night Out

Thursday night, the ladies from our Sunday school class (and some extra girls) got together to visit with Michelle Duggar. We were all so excited, as Michelle is, you know, a TV star and all! :)

She is very gracious and has such wisdom. She was the same last night as I've seen her on TV and when I had the opportunity to be at her house a couple years ago. Just a very down-to-earth lady who loves to share about her family. And I tell ya, she absolutely breathes the Bible! I mean, she's able to incorporate scripture into just about every sentence she says, but in a good way - not a "preachy" way.

Most people think they are crazy for having 18 kids. And rightly so. That is incredibly unusual for a family in our day to do that. And they'll be the first to admit they didn't start out with the plan to have this many kids. However, something that Michelle said about that made it click a little bit more for me. She said that she was so humbled that God had chosen to use them, because of their unusually large family, as vessels to share Christ. Hmmm. I'd heard her say before they wanted as many children as God would give them, but didn't really consider the perspective that this is the situation God has allowed them to be in so that He can be acknowledged and He can be seen. The media is so interested in their family, as are all of us viewers, and like I said, Michelle absolutely breathes God and His Word. Anytime anyone hears her speak, they'll hear the Word and they'll be able to see Jesus through her. God uses people in different ways. Looks like he choose to use the Duggars, with their enormous family, to get people interested enough, to listen long enough, that they might hear Him.

Changing gears, tonight is our first Friday Night Out. I'm a little nervous about it, but excited! I think it will be good. We have over 130 kids signed up to come!!! YIKES!! I think I'm prepared for the most part. I'll just be glad when 10:00 comes and we see that everyone has come through it safe and sound. :)

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Ross and Lisa Green said...

I couldn't agree with you more, nor could I have said it better myself. She really is amazing!