Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things That Are Frustrating

Today Rachel, Porter, and I went to Sam's. I got the few items I needed and as is our usual treat, we went over to the snack bar to get a pretzel. I started to check out after telling the clerk what we wanted only to discover I did not have my wallet! I had no cash. I had no debit card. I had no license. No nothing. Thankfully I had another checkbook from a different account floating about in my purse, so I had that to at least pay for my food, but then the dude had to go ahead and ask me for my ID, which was in my wallet at home. I have no idea what my license number is. I know my social, but since they changed all that and gave me a different number for my license, I have never memorized the darn thing. I tried calling my husband about a hundred times in a row to get his license number so I could at least have that to get checked out, but I couldn't reach him. The clerk went ahead and used my social and I was able to get through the checkout and get my beloved pretzels. Then I realized I couldn't check out with my other items because I didn't have my membership card. It, along with my money and license and everything else, was in my wallet at home. They issued me a temporary card so I could at least take home the items I came for. I got out to the parking lot and my poor husband called me back nearly in a panic because he'd seen the hundred missed calls from me and of course he was thinking the worst. No, we weren't in wreck or anything, I just didn't have my wallet. UGH!!! Man, that was so frustrating!!! I feel like I'm loosing my mind these days!!!

Another thing that's frustrating is the amount of leg hair I currently have. When I was pregnant, the stuff barely grew. Now that I have my son, apparently all the leg hair banded together and decided to make up for lost growth. And finding the time to take a lengthy enough shower to actually shave my legs is a complete joke.

The fact that we still have 3 of the 9 puppies left in our sunroom is a good thing because we've sold so many, but frustrating because we still have 2 to sell. One of the ones we have has been spoken for, but we're having to house him, which means we're still having to feed him, water him, and clean up his poop - along with the poop of the other two. I feel sorry for them because it's all I can do to take care of the bigger ones that are already house trained. At least they get to come inside for a while and get what little affection I can spare for them. The poor puppies need to go to their new homes ASAP so they can get the attention they deserve. If anyone knows of someone that would like a boxer puppy, please let me know!! No reasonable offer will be refused at this point.

I'm frustrated that I still have a big ol' belly even though my baby is no longer in it. I can't actually button a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans to save my life. I mean, maybe I could get them buttoned, but then I enjoy breathing a little too much to actually keep them buttoned.

A consolation to all this frustration is that today, my son is smiling!! As soon as I can actually capture that on the camera, I'll be sharing. It's the cutest thing!! He really is a doll. I mean, a lot of people say their kids are cute, but my kid really is cute!

Oh, and I'd like a maid...... for free. If anyone knows of someone that just loves to clean houses for the heck of it, send them my way. I'd be glad to bless them with a dirty house that I have no desire to clean because watching my baby is WAY more satisfying than cleaning!!


Josh and Kate said...

I'm sorry you've had one of those days. Believe it or not, when Parker was just a month old I decided to tackle Wal-mart for the first time with both kids. It seemed like forever to get them both ready and half way stay quiet while I did the shopping. Then I went to check out and opened my purse only to find no wallet. Luckily I friend over heard me pleading with the cashier and gave me some money to borrow. It was the worst feeling. I'm glad you found a way to bring your stuff home too.

Superchikk said...

All I can say at this point is, "Amen, Sister!"

Oh, and yeah, what the heck is up with the leg hair? I totally have the same thing!