Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Fun

This was when I first put on Porter's Halloween outfit. He was none too happy about it. I think he maybe doesn't like orange? He might have thought he looked a bit too much like a Tennessee Volunteer or something. Next time I'll know better - the boy needs to be in PURPLE!!! (or red for the Hogs)

This was just before we went out doing our Trick-or-Treat thing in our neighborhood. He slept the whole way...... and then decided it would be oh so cool for him to be wide awake from 4am-6am. Darn that candy!!

Katie was a bumble bee and Rachel was a lady bug again this year. Her costume from last year still fit and she was cool with wearing it again and Mommy's budget was oh so happy. :)

Yeah, she knows she's cute. Little stinker.

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Superchikk said...

Very cute! We were going to go to the thing at church, but Caedmon needed to go to bed more than I needed to steal his candy. It's just as well...he would've been embarrassed by his Dad for the first time. He was wearing a "man riding ostrich" costume.