Friday, October 27, 2006

New Pictures

I know it's been so long since I posted, so I figured I better take a few minutes and update this stinkin' thing so my dad will quit hounding me. :) Hi Dad!

First of all, here's a little picture of my babies...

This one is from the first weekend we had Kramer....

And this one is from a few days ago...

They are such good buddies now! Kramer is getting bigger by the day!

We still have Zoe, but we're currently looking for a new home for her. If anyone is interested in a loving pet who is a great guard dog, let me know. She is about 7 or 8 years old and isn't too keen on our newest addition (Kramer) plus she's been getting a wee bit snippy with the kids lately. I think it's because she's out of sorts with Kramer being here, but still. We just need to find her a home where she's either the only dog or at a home where there aren't any puppies or children. If you or anyone you know would enjoy such an animal, let me know.

I don't think I've posted any pics from our recent trip to Kansas City. So here are a few for your enjoyment:

Rachel and I went with Grandpa to Deanna Rose. It's a sort of petting zoo that's designed to be like an old farmstead. They have lots of animals that you can feed and pet. Rachel loves that place! Here she and Grandpa were feeding the fish, some of Grandpa's most favorite creatures. Rachel is wearing Grandpa's fishing hat. Appropriate, don't you agree?

Grandpa has several games on his computer and he has a screen saver with fish - go figure. Any time Grandpa was at the computer, Rachel would go in and ask to see the fish.

This was one of the sweetest stories and it made me cry - at Deanna Rose, they have horse rides for kids 3 and over. Rachel blew a gasket last time we were there back in the spring and she couldn't ride because she wasn't old enough. This time was no different. Rachel loves all kinds of animals and thinks horses are especially cool. We thought we'd ask the attendant if she could ride since there was a little girl who was much smaller than Rachel that got off the horse while we were watching. The attendant asked how old Rachel was. Grandpa said, cleverly I must say, "How old does she need to be?" The attendant said she needed to be 3. Grandpa said she's almost three, could she make an exception. The lady asked when her birthday was and I told her it's not until February. All the while Rachel is looking at her with this pleading look. So, the attendant ponders for a few seconds, Grandpa nearly gives up and says oh, it's ok, but then wait - the attendant said, "I have something here I think will work. (pulling out a ticket, which was $3 by the way) There was a family here yesterday who's daughter wouldn't ride. They'd already paid for the ticket and said we should just give it to a special child." She handed the ticket to me and said for us to have fun. I can tell you, I teared up right there and could barely tell the lady thank you. Obviously, she enjoyed her ride!

As for the recent post about us maybe moving to KC, that isn't going to happen right now. Circumstances have changed and we will be staying here. Believe me, though, that is a HUGE answer to prayer for me! I will post on this in the future and share a bit more in detail about just how good our God is and how much of a sense of humor he can have with us. It's really awesome sometimes to just see how he's so invested in the details of our lives. I love it!

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Superchikk said...

Glad to see you are alive and well! Ha!

Kramer is adorable - and getting very big. I don't know if I could handle two big dogs in my house...mine are nuts and they just THINK they're big!

Seriously, if Rachel wants to ride horses, I can arrange for you to take her out to my Mom's. They would love to have her come ride - and it would be free too. :)