Monday, September 25, 2006


I walked into my house tonight after being gone for a little over and hour and PBS is on my TV. What in the world?! It's Monday night and if I'm not mistaken, New Orleans is playing football on TV. Am I correct? And yet my husband, the football FREAK is watching PBS?! Or it really my husband or has his mind been taken over by nerdy aliens?

More to write about, but not tonight. My body hurts and my eyes are heavy. My alarm went off at 4:35am to remind me that, in fact, I'm still fat and my ultra skinny, toned, disgustingly fab bodied friend would be waiting on me at the class from h-e-double hocky sticks and I must be there to suffer for 55 agonizing minutes or she'd think I'm still a lazy turd. And I just gotta say that whoever invented squats and lunges should be shot!!! Oh and whoever figured out that there are such things as tricep dips and the "hover" - I have no love whatsoever for those evil, EVIL idiots!!!

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Geek4god said...

The inventors of all the things you mentioned as well as allergies were the Spanish inquisition!! Which I learned from watching PBS was ran by a bunch of skinny people with 4% body fat!!! Proud of you for working out, especially that early!! It is sooo amazingly difficult!

I have a workout theme or motto “the only easy day was yesterday”. I stole it from the seals and I am not actually working out, but I now have a workout MOTTO!! I figure that has to count for something!