Monday, July 17, 2006


I'm having one of those days where everything in my life just seems to be a little bit off. As I have shared before, I hate it when things aren't just happy with everyone and all of my relationships aren't just great. Today, that is just the case. I feel like I'm at odds with my spouse, my family, my friends. I guess that pretty well includes everyone. It's one of those days where I just think it would be so much easier to not be in this world anymore. It would be so much easier to just be with Jesus. I wouldn't have to worry about Him getting angry with me or being frustrated with me, or hating me.

I just read on something today that greatly convicted me. Unsolicited advice is criticism. Even if you're trying to be helpful, if the other person hasn't asked, you're not sending a message of helpfulness, but of criticism. God help me. And to those of you that I've sent the message of criticism lately, I beg your forgiveness.

Maybe I'm just dealing with hormones today. Still, it's like nothing is right with the world today. It's a day where I want to hide under my rock.


heartsjoy said...

I have definitely had those feelings before when hiding seems like the best option. I will lift you up in prayer my sweet friend. I hate days like that when I feel unconnected. I'm glad you liked the hit me hard when I heard it too...still convicting me! ;)

Superchikk said...

I know how you feel. Some days are just crappy and you can't figure out exactly how they got that way. Oh, and feel free to give me unsolicited advice any time. I can use it.

KJAnNWA said...

For what it's worth, guys get that way too. I prefer to blame it on biorythmic lows. :-)