Monday, July 24, 2006


On Sunday, I will be leaving for Dallas to attend our Mary Kay Seminar. This is a big year end celebration and training time for us in MK. Last year was my first year to attend and from the time I got there, even checking into the hotel, my mouth gaped open in amazement at how organized everything was and the attention to detail that had been taken. It was incredible!!

This was a picture taken at one of the awards nights we have. Here, I am with my director, Norenda, and my friend and sister consultant, April. I HATE my hair in pictures when it was that short. I'll never do that again. :)

This was the dessert we had at the first awards night. Oh my - YUM! I swear I think it was the best piece of chocolate cake I've ever had.

Seminar begins on Sunday with everyone arriving and getting settled and then culminates on Wednesday with a wonderful final boost. The whole experience is like church camp in a way. You're so excited to go and so excited while you're there and the last day is always emotional because you just don't want to leave, but you're armed and ready to hit the world running when you get home. I'm excited to see what this year brings. I'm working right now on building my business even more and am really looking forward to the upcoming year.

My whole life, mediocre has been an ok thing. Coming from where I grew up, you never would have expected many people to go on to anything remotely successful in life. I graduated with 19 people. Not a lot of opportunity for many things. Just doing what you need to get by was acceptable. I have now come to a place in my life where that just isn't ok anymore. Yeah, I don't always try as hard as I know I can, but the difference now is that I recognize that and it's not acceptable. I want to be better. I want to do more. And then some.

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Carbon said...

Striving for more will can only mean good things and you'll learn so much about yourself thru the experience too.

(I actually like your hair short. I think it's nice. But, to each his own :) )