Monday, May 08, 2006

What in Heaven's Name Was I Thinking?!

I decided to refinish my kitchen cabinets. I've already painted the walls. That turned out to be really easy. Then, it was on to the cabinets. They desperately needed something! But I've decided to do an antique finish on them........ WHY?!?!?! I'll be working on this for DAAAAAYYYSSS!!! And my whole kitchen cabinet insides are exposed!! I feel naked! I feel like I'm bearing my soul to the entire world when they see E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G inside my totally cluttered cabinets! Superchikk, how are you with organizing cabinets? It is way more than obvious that I need help!!!

I'll post a picture when it's all finished and cleaned and my whole world is hidden behind the cabinets like it should be.


AfricaBleu said...

Ah, Spring has sprung! I always take on mongo chores when spring shows up - must be our nesting instincts.

Superchikk said...

Girl, we can do kitchen cabinets. I have been absent from the blogosphere lately, but if you need help, give me a call. You know where to find me!