Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What in Heaven's Name...... Part 2

I went to a group exercise class this morning at the gym we just joined. I've never in my life done that. My body is screaming "Why! Oh Why in the name of Pete?!", but I know in my mind that in a few weeks I'll really be able to tell a difference in my body and the way my clothes fit. In fact, I've already gotten a pair of jeans picked out to buy for myself when I loose at least one size. Just pray that I can hold in all my cookies today cause I'm really contemplating throwing up right now........ I just don't want to make the trek all the way to the bathroom!

Addition: Totally forgot this part of the story - the lady behind the check in desk stopped me as I walked in and scanned my little barcode and said "Oh, you're new! We need to take your picture." I looked at her, I'm sure, like she'd just grown a horn right in the middle of her forehead. I politely asked if I could wait until another time when I looked a smidge more presentable, but in reality I was thinking the woman was a complete idiot if she thought I was getting in front of a camera lens for her to take my picture at FREAKIN' 5:15 IN THE MORNING!!! I mean seriously.

And I must say, it's now noon and I do feel much better. Despite what my quads would scream at your right now, I feel really good and energized. I think I might do this again........ maybe......

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Carbon said...

I have one of those pictures. My hubby laughs and says I look like I"m in a prison lineup or something. With no makeup and early in the morning. ha ha ha.

At least you got out of taking hte picture until later!