Thursday, April 13, 2006

Several Little Details

I know you all are shocked to come to my blog and see that I've written this post so soon after my most recent one. It's ok. I'm not sick or anything. :)

Mike's day went well on Tuesday. He felt pretty good about all the meetings he had with all the department heads. However, after talking so much for the entire day, the poor man didn't have much to say when he got home. I think he just ran out of words. He still has to go through the psychiatric deal sometime next week. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes, but just keep praying.

Can I just say it's about dadgum time that Bucky got kicked off American Idol! OH MY GOSH!!!!! I was about to flip out at the bottom three last night, too! Ace I can understand, but Elliot?! Give me a break! That boy has got one of the best voices of the entire bunch of remaining contestants! Mike walked in just as they were about to announce the loser and he was like, "Are you ok?!" because I was sitting on the edge of the couch focused intently on the TV with my hands shielding my eyes! I would seriously have been depressed if Elliot left last night. But thankfully, America finally got it right and got Bucky the heck out of there. Good gracious!! I'm looking forward to next week with the whole Rod Stewart thing. It should be interesting.

We have been discussing the 7 needs of guys and girls in our Sunday school class at church the past few weeks. We've gotten through a woman's needs and are on the guys. It's been very interesting to hear some of the male responses to some of these things. The teacher asked the other day "how does it make you feel when you wife tells you she's proud of you" or something like that and the guys says, "good." Yeah, that was pretty typical. The first need was just a bit surprising that it was the number one need, but it was respect/admiration. In the #5 position was "A cheerleader". A husband needs a wife to be his cheerleader. As Mike has been going through all of this interview stuff, I know he's been stressed a bit just from the magnitude of it all. So yesterday I bought him a card and wrote a bit of encouragement to him and stuck it on his bathroom mirror. I really didn't think much about it except that it might give him warm fuzzies. Apparently it did more than that. I was clipping coupons in the kitchen and it was obvious he'd just found the card when he came in and stole me away from my coupon clipping..... WOW!! I should give him cards more often!

Our little friend Katie is over tonight for a "slumber party" as her parents are enjoying a night away. She's very excited to be getting to play with Rachel and Tanner. I think we'll probably eat some spaghetti for supper and then put Alladin in a little later. And of course, there MUST be popcorn at a slumber party! Girls are so much fun!

I'm off to enjoy the fantastic weather we are having today!!! Holy cow! The only trouble I'm having is debating on whether or not to turn on the good ol' AC in April or just sweat it out a little while longer. I guess a fan can always help, right? And hallelujah for shorts. I really could care less what these WHITE AS SHEETS legs of mine look like right now. It's all about the comfort today.

Until next time.....


Kristi said...

UGH- I HATE Elliott- he's so dorky looking- I can't get beyond that to hear the voice. Ugh ugh ugh. I would have been ok with either him or bucky last night. Ha- jody rae tells me I'm mean. :)

Carbon said...

Sending you some good luck with your hubby's job interview!

AfricaBleu said...

I've been enjoying our freaky summerish weather a little TOO much - I burned the TAR off of the top of my feet. And now no shoe will work without pain.

I've become a barefoot red-foot (instead of red neck). Blast.