Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Say A Little Prayer

Here's a request for all of you in blogger land to send one up for my hubby. He's in interviews all day today for a new position. He applied for a BIG job in his company (at the request of the boss of this open position) and out of 48 applicants, he is in the top 3! He's meeting with department heads today and right now is meeting with the general manager of all the complexes. After today is finished, I think he'll have to do an 8 hour psychiatric evaluation which he is less than thrilled with and then once that is finished, he'll have to go through some sort of approval process with the top dog of the entire company.

I asked him last night how he felt about today - if he was nervous, excited, anxious, anything. He said "I feel calm about it." I think that's good. That just means he has a peace about everything, which I am thankful for. I've told him that honestly, it's not really up to him or his abilities as to whether or not he gets this job. If God wants him to have it, he could tell all these people that they are idiots and they would think that was brilliant. Or, on the flip side, if it's not in God's plan for him to have this job, things will work out in that way. He just needs to be himself and do his best, but ultimately, it's up to the Lord and His will for Mike's (and our) life.

I would LOVE for him to have this job because it would mean almost no travel and a pretty good pay increase. It would be a prestigious position also, which is kinda cool, but obviously not the most important thing. I just think he would do a really good job in this position and it would be great for his career!

So, if you think about it today, say a little prayer for him. I would appreciate it!! I'll keep you updated on how things are going.

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Superchikk said...

Sweet! Keep us posted!