Sunday, March 07, 2010

Foster/Adopt Blogs

I'm on the hunt for other bloggers who are fostering to adopt.  I've found a few.  I've got them listed on a blog roll on the right side of my blog.  But I want to have some more.

If you know of anyone that's fostering or is adopting through foster care and has a blog, please let me know.  I'd love to have more resources!!


Robyn said...

I know of one more besides the 1 I emailed you already. It is

This family lives in NLR and have adopted from Vietnam, Ethiopia, and are now doing foster placements. I've never met them personally, but have followed their blog for a while b/c they also used Gladney for their Ethio adoption.

writing4612 said...

This family has already adopted a little boy from Russia through foster care. If I'm not mistaken, their little girl came from foster care too. Their story is very inspiring.

Heather has lots of other adoption blogs on her sidebar. Have fun reading them!

writing4612 said...

Here is another one about a sweet little girl named Lucy adopted from Ethopia.

writing4612 said...

One more ...I just found :)

This family has adopted at least two children from Ethopia using Gladney in Ft. Worth. They have four other children.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm at the right blog now! ;) I'm so glad we met through these classes. Let's definitely stay in touch and plan some kind of family get-together if you are up for it. ;) And I love your bio and how you love God so much! ;) I'm thinking we were destined to meet each other!