Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Langham Christmas ‘09

It was a fun Christmas at the Langham house this year.  We had Grandma Lynn and Mamaw here with us again this year, which the kids loved (and so did the grandmas).  We had our big dinner Christmas Eve so that we wouldn’t have to cook any on Christmas Day and could just enjoy our toys and our leftovers.  We woke up Christmas morning, as did the rest of NWA, to a white Christmas and it was beautiful!  What a blessing! 

Ok, prepare yourselves – there are a lot of pictures ahead.  I know!  You’re in total shock right now, aren’t you? :)

The bird… “before”…



The Christmas Tree



The stockings – hung by the chimney with care…



…and three stinkers that could barely hold it together for one good picture out of about 175 tries.



See what I mean?!



Reading the Christmas story out of Luke 2.  Didn’t Daddy do a good job being all creative in his picture taking? :)



Getting Santa’s cookies ready.



Rachel leaving the reindeer a little snack of oats.



Busting through the paper tapped over the door on Christmas morning – rushing to see what Santa brought.



See!!  I got tools!!!



One of the many looks Tanner had while saying “OH YEAH!”



Rachel was excited about her purple lounge clothes.



Porter loved his drum… he plays it a lot.  I’m so excited.



Opening his guitar.  The last time he wanted to play an instrument, he got a starter set for the bagpipes.  BAGPIPES, people!!!  I don’t think so…  We’ll see where this takes him.



Mike was very excited that he got peanut M&M’s from Granny rather than the lotion he expected was in that bag.  He HATES lotion! :)  Good job, Gran.DSC07714


Over all is was a wonderful Christmas.  We’re all looking forward now to what the new year is going to bring!

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Superchikk said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got your pictures to upload. Isn't it so much easier now that it actually works? :)