Friday, November 06, 2009

Actually Writing... with a pen

I'm a way faster typer than I am a writer. I kind of gave up on "traditional" journaling because it just takes so darn long to do it. Blogging is a much faster way to keep up with stuff. And Twitter/Facebook is just lightning fast compared to actually getting a pen and paper.

However, I'm going back to the traditional paper and pen journaling for a while. I haven't actually started, but I'm going to. I really am. Not everything will be sent to the paper journal, but I'm starting it for a specific subject. I'll eventually put it all online, but for now, I have to actually pick up a pen and write. Should be fun. :)

All is well in the Langham house. We had a great Halloween. We went to a few houses to Trick-or-Treat, but not many people were home. Somehow, even though we didn't get to as many houses as last year, we ended up with WAY more candy. I'm still rather perplexed about that. It could be that I bought four bags of chocolate at Target the day before Halloween. Because I wanted it. That could be the reason for all the candy. But I'm not totally sure. Rachel and Katie were cheerleaders and Porter recycled his lion costume from last year. Tanner stayed at our house and passed out candy with her tie-dyed hair. The kids ended the night by going to Grandma Lynn's to spend the night. G'ma did it up something special with her costume. I'm not sure how I didn't get a picture of that, but she had on a metallic green mullet wig, freckels painted on her cheeks, and a set of those rotten looking teeth. Real nice, my friends. Real nice. Porter was a little bit leary of her at first, but got past it pretty quickly.

I will update with pictures soon. The little picture uploader thing doesn't like me this morning and I have to move on with other items on my to do list before I feel completely unproductive for the day.

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