Monday, August 14, 2006

Seminar Report

I got back from my Mary Kay seminar a couple weeks ago and had an absolute BLAST! As I knew I would. I really enjoy learning things that I can actually put into practice when I get home. I love hearing things and thinking, "What a GREAT idea!!"

This is me and my wonderful director, Norenda, in the Cadiallac dining hall. Because we are a Cadiallac unit, we get special dining priviledges. One of which is our own DJ and dancing at lunch! That was TOO much fun!!!!!

It was also fun to get dressed up! As shown here with my friend Stephanie at our Mardi Gras awards night. We had a blast that night as well and were so proud of Norenda for doing so great this past year and getting all kinds of recognition!

Then, there was the big awards night and time for me to really pull out the stops on getting all dressed up! I LOVED my dress for that night and had a ball getting ready! It is so fun for this stay at home mom to feel like a princess every now and again....... especially now when I'm sitting here in my shorts and t-shirt and my hair in a pony tail. :)

It was a fabulous time and I'm already anxious for next year........ but next year, I'll be ON STAGE waving to all my adoring fans like Miss America!!!!


Kristi said...

girl, your hair looks FAB! what did you do differently?

Superchikk said...

I the hair! You'll have to show me how you did that.

Jill said...

you girls know that I'll probably never be able to duplicate the do now that everyone loves it! We'll see.
Thanks for the compliments, though! I passed it on to my stylist today and that made her feel good, too!

AfricaBleu said...

Girl, you look like a movie-star! I'm so glad you had fun.

Carbon said...

That looks like quite the awards night. The lighting in the background is amazing! I too agree with everyone else, you look great!